Apertu Capital Investments, LP Closes First Early-Stage Venture Capital Fund

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Apertu Capital (https://www.apertucapital.com) closes first fund. General partners previously invested in Anaconda.


Apertu Capital Investments, LP (https://www.apertucapital.com) this week closed on its first early-stage venture capital fund. Apertu Capital forms relationships with founders at the earliest stages of formation. The fund focuses on software companies creating new products essential for artificial intelligence, cloud, and developer tools. The fund will invest in deeptech startups, with a focus on pre-seed, seed, and Series A rounds of financing.

The two founders of Apertu Capital have operating experience and have launched innovative tech companies themselves. The founders have known each other since attending undergraduate studies at Columbia University together. Don Sheu, a founder and general partner, is Apertu Capital’s insider who built a strong network in software ecosystems over nearly a decade by providing an influential channel for promoting the newest, most important open source projects. The Python Software Foundation recognized his contributions by designating him as a Fellow. He is passionate about bringing to market breakthrough technology that creates outsized value.

Apertu Capital is very founder focused, the fund actively collaborates and supports entrepreneurs in their growth, strategy, leadership, and corporate and business development. This has been proven in an investment in Anaconda (http://www.anaconda.com), where Apertu Capital was able to support the portfolio company on a strategic acquisition and in recruiting key hires.

Once Apertu Capital invests early in a founder, the fund offers efficient access to larger amounts of capital. Through a strong strategic partnership with a major limited partner in the fund, Apertu Capital is able to provide founders of its portfolio companies a convenient path for funding larger Series A and beyond rounds of fundraising.

Apertu Capital is US focused but has a global investment mandate with a reach that extends to founders in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Apertu Capital is based in Seattle and New York.


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