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Early Stage Venture Capital Fund

Apertu Capital is an early stage venture capital fund that invests in deep tech software startups, from pre-seed to Series A stages of fundraising. The fund focuses on software companies creating new products essential for artificial intelligence, cloud, and developer tools. We very early on cultivate strong relationships with software founders, including  engaging with founders from the beginning, this may include charting a launch strategy. We invest in founders who understand technological roadblocks intimately and have built new software solutions that solve the biggest problems. Our fund has a strong and active relationship with open source and other avid software communities. Because of our experienced team and our history of working with startups, founders trust us for advice on building a business around innovative software. This access provides us an advantage when capturing value and driving returns for our investors. 

We prioritize opportunities where our founders demonstrate rare talent for pushing the margins of software innovation. Our deeptech investments improve programmer productivity and solve the hardest problems outstanding in software.

A Call to Founders!

Software is critical to accelerating and democratizing our progress as a collective society. Founders who choose to take this path are embarking on a journey to create a better future.

Apertu Capital is interested in speaking with founders whose makeup includes some of the following characteristics: 1) have pioneered and now lead thriving open source communities; 2) have experience working on highly technical problems; 3) and propose to bring to market deeptech solutions.

As a founder focused fund, we partner with founders and believe in adding strategic value in addition to capital. If you want to accelerate your path to success, speak with us today.

Most Recent Investments

Meet Our Founders

Peter Wang

Anaconda was built by data scientists, for data scientists. More than 20 million people use our technology to solve the toughest problems. We offer the easiest way to perform Python/R data science and machine learning on a single machine.

Matej   |   Zrinko   |   Matija   |   Luka

Farseer is SaaS for financial planning and modeling for companies that have trouble maintaining their financial models in spreadsheets. It’s all backed by our custom-built in-memory database optimized for quick updates and model recalculation, processing millions of cells in seconds.

Bryan Costanich  |   Brian Kim

Wilderness Labs’ mission is to make hardware development as fast and easy as web or mobile development. Founded by former Xamarin executives and engineers, they’ve brought full .NET to the embedded world and are building a cloud to manage any device in the field..

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We want to work with you from the beginning as it’s never too early to talk to us. We have an open-door policy with engineers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and students. Together, let’s examine the best path forward to develop your startup or your open source project into a successful company while protecting the interests of the community that you have built from scratch. At Apertu Capital, we’re always open for business; reach out to us today.