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Early Stage Venture Capital Fund

Apertu Capital is an early stage fund that focuses mainly on startups launched out of open source projects. Typical portfolio company forms a SaaS business following on building a large audience with an open source software project. Such projects typically have an incumbent audience of contributors and users. The software is often in use at large companies as a crucial part of software process or critical infrastructure. Founders trust us for advice on building a business around innovative software and commercialization of projects. This access provides us an advantage when capturing value and providing a return for our investors. 


Apertu is the imperative form of an Esperanto word aperti. Where aperti means to be open, or to open, apertu commands the listener to, “Open!”

Apertu in the context Apertu Capital is a call to startup founders asking they build companies on the free software projects they love. We mean free software in the context of freedom. General partners of the fund believe that open source software will accelerate and compound our progress as a collective human society. 

Fund invests in founders prominent within open source communities. Such founders manage projects that command the attention of audiences that become their first customers. We invest the moment founders decide to form a company to serve a large audience of users already using the software under open source licenses. Our firm assists founders in developing the business around innovative software. 

Meet Our Friends

Fund GP Speaks with OSS Leaders

Apertu Capital cofounder Don Sheu hosts AI leaders with fellow host Brian Ray on 26.1 AI Podcast. For more episodes visit podcast website

Creator of NumPy and SciPy

Travis Oliphant created the projects at the core of Python’s growth in the 21st century. In this podcast, revisit the beginning and glimpse the future for this important OSS contributor.

Dask Creator, Coiled Founder

Matthew Rocklin made a transition from creator of an important open source project used by data scientists to launching a startup. With Coiled data scientists can deploy to cloud effortlessly.

IPython and Jupyter Creator

Fernando Perez set a pattern followed many times again, a graduate student solving a problem pragmatically using code creating lasting impact across all of computation.  

Opportunity That Includes

Open in the context of our firm also means we believe everyone deserves access to equal opportunity. Firm’s founders believe that inviting those from underrepresented populations into the tech industry provides a channel to increase equity in society.

The founders’ plan includes devoting a portion of general partners’ own returns from the fund to invest in a platform that helps give a start to talent from underrepresented populations. Platform sets them up in tech jobs with salaries paid by founders. This program installs new talent in fellowships committing open source code to established projects. 

Apertu Capital wants to launch new professionals in rewarding careers in software.  Spending a year of directed work writing publicly available code, paid at market rates, will set the foundation for these professionals to succeed.

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General partners of Apertu Capital want to be involved with you from the beginning. It’s never too early to come talk to us. We have an open door policy with engineers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and students. Submit your contact and get started today. Together let’s examine the best path forward for viability of your open source project and protect the interests of your community. Community is you, your contributors, and project’s users. Start now to build sustainability for your community you built from scratch. Let’s start our conversation today.
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